Episode 26 - Crash Course: Building Your Successful Spiritual Online Business

Episode 26 - Crash Course: Building Your Successful Spiritual Online Business

The demand is HIGH for getting your spiritual business online pronto. It’s an important step to serve your students now…and long into the future! In this podcast, learn the most essential (and easy!) steps to create a successful online business that allows you to make more impact, and income.

With everything happening recently with the COVID-19 pandemic, we have shifted our new normal and that means for us as yoga teachers, and spiritual leaders that most of us are doing our work online. Now, I’ve spoken about this a couple of times past in the podcast and I wanted to take this podcast to give you a crash course on setting up your online business from start to finish.

When you’re online, you’re not limited to the people in your local area, you can find people who want just what you do, all over the world and it will make a big impact.

In the past couple of months, I have received an overwhelming number of emails, direct messages and communications from friends and colleagues about how to start their online business. Most of them know that I’ve been online with my business for about five years now, and of course I’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs as well as a lot of growth with my online business. There have been trials and tribulations and I’ve learned many things along the way.

I founded the Upward Facing Business Academy in order to train yoga teachers and spiritual leaders to take their businesses online. So I’ve been teaching others how to do this for a few years and I’ve had great successes with some students who’ve had launches of tens of thousands of dollars. It’s been a really exciting time inside the Upward Facing Business Academy and as you can imagine, it’s happened in there now. So I wanted to start this podcast actually by giving you a list of some other resources that are gonna help you in comprehensive ways to get your business online.

Resources mentioned on this podcast:
HigherEducation.Yoga Membership