Episode 25 - The Feminine in Yoga: Where is SHE?

Episode 25 - The Feminine in Yoga: Where is SHE?

Feminine energy has long been repressed, dismissed, and even forgotten. Take some time to rediscover the power of the feminine and learn more about its place as an essential energy of the universe. Along with the masculine, the feminine influences our life, practice, relationship, culture, and existence. Get to the heart of human nature — of your nature! — by learning more about how to honor the feminine and find a sense of equality between these two polarities.

There are a lot of reasons to talk about the feminine, and I thought I would take this podcast to do just that. In our current society, with everything going on socially, politically, and all of the rest, wading through the basic polarities of masculine and feminine energy and understanding them fully is really important, not just for us as modern mystics, but as societal modern day human beings. The feminine holds an important post in our lives, in our relationships, in our universe, in our spiritual practice and simply based on the nature of our culture, the feminine has been quite forgotten and repressed until now

The whole universe is dominated by these energies, the masculine and the feminine.

This podcast has been on my mind for a while. Fielding questions regarding the feminine versus the masculine has been a part of my work for a long time. Whether I’m talking about yoga practice, astrology, tarot cards, mythology, spirituality, divination, ritual, or mysticism in general, the polarity of these energies always comes up and always has questions. Now, a full disclaimer here. There is no way that in one podcast I’m going to cover everything that I would want to or everything that you need to know regarding the feminine and the masculine. So really, this podcast is designed to simply open the discussion and hopefully to get you thinking about how the feminine and the masculine play out in your life as an individual, and your relationships and your spiritual practice and all the rest. Because truly our entire world is dominated by this polarity of energies. It is within us. It exists in everything that we work with, do, understand, think. The whole universe is dominated by these energies, the masculine and the feminine.

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