Episode 24 - Retrograde Reality Check: Time to Go Inward

Episode 24 - Retrograde Reality Check: Time to Go Inward

This week, three planets turn retrograde. This is a major astrological event! Alanna guides you through what each of these planetary retrogrades mean, how to utilize their energies for your highest good, and the best ways to bring their influence into your life and work as a modern mystic!

Astrologically speaking, we have quite an eventful week this week. So, I thought it would be worthwhile to take you through the three planetary retrogrades that are happening this week. What it means for you, and how to manage your energy, your time and your outlook during this intense period of retrograde activity. It’s likely you’ve heard of Mercury retrograde, because Mercury goes retrograde about three times a year. It happens often enough that we talk about it pretty frequently. But right now, we have Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter all going retrograde this week, so let’s take a look at what that means for you right now.

All elements of astrology have both positive and negative aspects.

So, I thought this would be a great opportunity to talk to you more about astrology because, as I said at the beginning, this is quite an eventful week in astrology. We have three planets moving retrograde. Let me cover what retrograde, that term, means first. From an astronomical perspective, it means that this planet appears in the sky to be moving backwards. No, the planet is not moving backwards, it’s just that it appears that way based on its orbit versus our Earth orbit. This would be a little bit like you traveling down the highway and essentially passing another car. From your perspective, sitting in that car, it looks like the car next to you is moving backwards, though it’s actually traveling at quite a high speed. If you’re going around a curve and you pass a car on the inside, you can actually even be going the same speed and yet they will appear to move backwards.

This happens in the sky. Sometimes Earth and the other planets in their orbit are like the cars on the highway, and one will sort of race forward, making the planet in the sky appear to move backward. It is not moving backward. All of the planets in our solar system continue to move in their natural trajectory. But again, it is just from our appearance here on Earth that it seems to be moving backward. This is a retrograde period. And because astrology, the psychology of the planets and stars and zodiac signs, is energetic, and based on our perspective here on Earth, what we see and perceive in the sky matters. Because it is from our perspective here on Earth that we see these planets moving backwards, that has an influence on us energetically.

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