Episode 20 - Crash Course in Building Your Online Spiritual Business

Episode 20 - Crash Course in Building Your Online Spiritual Business

If you’re listening to this podcast, you’re not just a yoga teacher, or a modern mystic, but you’re also a spiritual leader. Which most likely means that you're also a small business owner! Something you probably didn't anticipate when you decided to step on this path.

So it’s important to put your entrepreneurial hat on and turn your attention to your business, and in fact, to treat your business as part of your spiritual practice.

I know that for many of us as spiritual leaders, it’s difficult to think of ourselves as a business person and it’s difficult to do some of the elements of business that we particularly don’t love, but in any type of spiritual practice, there are going to be moments that we have to do the things that are challenging.

There's a good chance you’ve received very little business training. If you have a business background, you’re going to have a leg up because you’ve got the proper training that it takes in order to become a small business owner. But I want to warn you - there are still challenges in building a spiritual business due to an incredibly heavy stigma that as yoga teachers, we should not make money.

And I laugh because frankly, that notion is ridiculous. What we do as yoga teachers and spiritual leaders is incredibly valuable, and in fact, if you really think about it, the kind of value that we impart to people’s lives as we teach them the practices of yoga and spirituality is deeply transformational and impactful on many aspects of their lives.

It is more important than ever to have an online presence as a yoga teacher and spiritual leader. Doing so opens up more opportunities to connect with students and provide offerings that give them the tools they need!

Listen below to learn how you can grow your business online!