Episode 2 - Prioritizing Self-Care

Episode 2 - Prioritizing Self-Care

Now, I’m hoping that this podcast is exceptionally good timing for you, because the holidays are coming up, and that tends to mean that we get more hectic more frazzled more flustered but even if it doesn’t, I imagine that this being the end of the year, you’re probably running ragged and running at the very end of your rope as they say, burning the candles at both ends. Now, if you’re a yoga teacher, I know you’re doing that. And if you are a modern mystic it is very likely that you are doing that because people like you and I, people listening to this podcast we’re healers, we are here to help serve others to give to others to nurture others to work with others spiritually and psychologically astrologically alchemical logically, in all of the ways in which we work with them and oftentimes that leaves us incredibly sapped.

So I wonder if you’ve ever actually taken the time to prioritize your self-care.

My guess is most likely not very few of the people that I know in this industry are able to do that. I do have one girlfriend who is amazing at her self-care I won’t call her out by name, but she knows who she is, I just admire her so much every time I speak with her, she’s telling me that she’s coming from a massage appointment or that she’s just come from a peace or that she’s just testing out this new power that she took 30 minutes in her afternoon to go do a steam and sauna. And she lives here in New York City and works here in New York City, just as I do and she runs around doing the yoga teacher hustle teaching classes in many different locations, and yet she still manages to find time within her day to prioritize her self-care. So I wanted to take a page out of her book and give you all some techniques and actually three secrets that are going to help you to prioritize your self-care and not us this holiday season, but hopefully really all year and potentially for the rest of your life.

Because if you are doing the work of a modern mystic if you are stepping into your role as a spiritual leader, as I’m assuming that you are then it’s really important that you care for yourself, and make sure that you are recharged.

If you neglect yourself for a week weeks at a time, months, maybe even longer imagine how difficult it’s going to be to keep trudging forward.

I also wanna make sure that you’re taking a full 24 hours off every week, really, really you should have two full days off every week. And for many of us hearing that, I know it’s gonna send like, “Oh my God, I don’t have the time. How am I ever gonna do this? But it is possible and that is why we do have weekends, so hopefully you can schedule two full days off. Especially my yoga teachers who are listening to this, I know that that can get tricky because, of course, people love to take your classes on Saturday and Sunday, and so that potentially means that you don’t have a full 24 hours off, if you have to adjust it. So that perhaps Tuesday is your day off, that’s also totally fine.

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