Episode 19 - Where Does Abundance Really Come From? (And, How to Get More of It)

Episode 19 - Where Does Abundance Really Come From? (And, How to Get More of It)

Abundance is such a buzz word! Does anyone know how to actually get it? The trick may surprise you, and run counter to what you’ve heard in new-agey circles. Discover the heart of abundance and how you can be a channel for more of it.

This month in the higher education at yoga membership, we are talking a lot about the sacral chakra as a way to access our abundance and to make sure that we don’t have any blockages there.

For those of you new to the chakra system, the chakras are energy centers that exist in the body and they are ways to organize our psychology as human beings.

We’ve got lots of different ways to organize psychology. Perhaps you’ve heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. That’s what I think many of us learn within our academic career, at some point, the chakras are another way to do this and they are correlated with physical energetic hot spots. These are essentially nerve plexus.

So when we have an unconscious reaction or an unconscious trigger that’s occurring it’ll often manifest in a somatic response and that would be through the chakras.

In order to receive abundance we actually have to first really give abundance.

So the second or the sacral chakra or the ones located around our below or belly button and on our Sacre on our back and the lower part of our pelvis and our sexual organs, that’s where the nerve-plex when we have things related to abundance, creativity, pro creativity, art artistry, and emotion. It’ll often manifest in physical sensations or symptoms in this physical area. below the belly button in the sacrum on the back in the pelvis in the sexual organs.

So because this is our location of creativity, this is our location of abundance, the presiding deity of this chakra is Lakschmi is the Goddess of abundance and we also can look metaphorically at our pelvis almost as a bull and his bold water, and that’s a very fluid area. That’s a very fluid metaphor and this is also the location of our emotions, we must poor emotions into anything that we create, and so our emotions are located here at the second chakra. So what does this have to do with abundance? Well, we want to use the teachings of this area and the metaphors of this area to understand abundance, a little bit better. Now, I want to take it back a little bit to… I think it was like 15 years ago, or so, that the secret came out, and perhaps some of you have seen it or read the book. And I remember watching the movie The Secret and my eyes were open and I thought, “Oh my gosh, this is magical. This is what I’ve been hoping for all this time. All I have to do is just change my thoughts and I will suddenly have plenty of money. And so began the positive thinking movement head in the idea that we could think our way to a million dollars. Well, I myself have tried this very, very diligently and I know many people.

I’ve also tried to think their way to a million dollars quite diligently. And it just hasn’t happened yet, for some strange reason, and I thought it would warrant a chat to discuss why this hasn’t happened. There’s a very good reason for this, and how it ties into our yogic ideals that surround abundance and our desire for more abundance in this lifetime, and of course abundance does mean and indicate many different things we can be abundant in love, we can be abundant in material items we can be abundant in money.

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