Episode 17 - Leveraging Social Media for Success as a Spiritual Leader

Episode 17 - Leveraging Social Media for Success as a Spiritual Leader

As a spiritual leader, by default, you are also an entrepreneur. Essential to your business tool kit is your smart use of social media. Alanna shares with you potent tips on how to make your social media shine so you can attract your tribe and make more impact with your work!

As a spiritual leader in today’s modern world, you are also an entrepreneur by default, you effectively run a small business. Now, for many of us, our spiritual training and yoga or whatever else we practice probably didn’t contain a lot of business advice, but for you to truly make an impact with the incredible work that you do, you need some business acumen in order to get yourself and your work out there today will cover how to utilize and leverage social media as a powerful tool in your business, in order for you to make more impact with the work that you do.

It’s not the best business practice for you to try to be the jack of all trades but rather to be the master of one thing.

One thing you definitely don’t have to do on social media, one thing you don’t have to strive for, you don’t have to worry about is winning the popularity contest. It will not take tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, for you to make the greatest impact possible with your work.

What it will take is for the right amount of loyal followers who absolutely love and resonate with what you do and in order for you to find them every single time you put out a message on social media, it has to really ring true with your audience because it rings true with your passion, with your niche, so you’ve gotta be really clear on the message that you put out to the world and leverage this message online consistently, so that your tribe members will essentially gather around your message.

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