Episode 16 - Spiritual Health And Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Episode 16 - Spiritual Health And Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Yoga teachers are deeply affected by this pandemic with yoga studios closures. On the flip side, yoga students are now bereft of a primary source of comfort and camaraderie during this crisis…which is so needed. Yoga teachers need to step up into their roles as spiritual leaders and support their communities through this crisis. Alanna discusses ways to maintain spiritual and emotional wellbeing while continuing to responsibly connect to your community, even while practicing social distancing.

This is a special podcast for all my yoga teachers and spiritual leaders, out there. We are in the midst of a pandemic covet 19, and I wanted to spend this time talking about how we as spiritual practitioners and spiritual leaders need to support ourselves and our community during this critical time. I know that many of us as yoga teachers, and spiritual leaders have expressed not only concern for our own well-being and the well-being of our communities, but also for our careers. So this podcast will cover some things that you can do to support yourself and your communities during this time and hopefully alleviate your spiritual well-being, your emotional well-being, and those around you. As we work through this pandemic

Just because the Yoga Studio is closed does not mean that you don’t have a way to support your community

I felt compelled to do a podcast on this topic, obviously, because it is the most pressing issue at hand, and on people’s minds, and there’s a lot of talk about the different industries it’s affecting, but there’s not a lot of talk about how it’s affecting us specifically as yoga teachers, and spiritual practitioners. So I’ve been thinking a lot about this and trying to go live with my community to live broadcast support my groups be present for my people as much as possible to be present for my community. And of course, you as a podcast listener, are a part of that, an intimate and important part of that as spiritual leaders, we have a responsibility to lead people through this crisis and tend to their emotional and spiritual wellness. But of course, that’s difficult isn’t it? With yoga studios and yoga classes, shutting down in response to the recommendation of social distancing. social distancing. Wasn’t even a thing to weeks ago, nobody knew with that phrase men. But of course, now all of us knows what social distancing means and isolation, social distancing. quarantine those are all things that we will be asked to practice that we are being asked to practice, they are very good recommendations in order to flatten this curve and below the spread of this virus, in order to support and ensure the health of our population.

So I want us to all follow those recommendations, and of course, I do support the closing of different institutions, including yoga studios in order to flatten this curve. So this isn’t an argument against that at all, but this is a way for you, my dear yoga teacher and spiritual leader to support yourself in your community as we practice social distancing.

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