Episode 14 - Spiritual Protection: How to Keep Yourself Free and Clear

Episode 14 - Spiritual Protection: How to Keep Yourself Free and Clear

We often find ourselves in front of groups of people as spiritual leaders, and sometimes that means being with negative energy that we can’t control. What can we do about it? This podcast covers techniques to maintain a high vibe and elevated energy, because it is so important for your success as a spiritual leader. Some of the tools Alanna shares with you on this podcast may surprise you! But, all will help to keep you in the highest vibration possible for the important work you do.

So while this podcast will definitely get more into the woowoo end of mystical practices, I want to start off with the most powerful and practical way to keep yourself clear, of negative energy.

Now, this is actually something to consider for you not only as a teacher, as a guide for groups of people but just in your everyday life. A couple of years ago, I remember that there was a big buzz around something called an emotional vampire. I don’t know if people are still talking about this, but I remember seeing lots of articles and my newsfeed about this. And essentially what it indicates is that there are people who are in such a negative emotional state that they can actually drain you of energy.

Now whether you believe in the psychic elements of this or not, that is actually a real thing and we’ve all experienced it. It brings us down to be around other down or negative people.

When our mind is elevated when we maintain a high vibration that is the easiest place for us to do our spiritual work for us to empower ourselves fully for us to pursue our passion, and our calling.

And of course, the recommendation is to try as much as you can to be around people who maintain a high elevated, vibration or a high-emotional state, just as you are doing. But let’s be honest, this is the real world that’s not possible all the time. And as much as we might do our best, we can’t control everyone, else’s emotional state, and we’re going to be in situations where we can’t control who else is around us. In fact, there’s not much of life we can control anyway, but if we’re employed in an office or a a bigger corporation or something like that, “we have no idea who the other people are they will be working with and we have to work with them. And then as a yoga teacher and spiritual leader, we are often going to be in front of groups of people and we don’t know everything about what those groups of people have been through in their daily lives. It’s likely that most of them are in a pretty high vibe state, especially if they’re doing spiritual practices with you but we also know that people pursue spiritual practice because they are in need of all nations.

So this means that we need to do our best to maintain our own state of elevated energy or our own high vibration. And there are multiple ways to do this. I want to speak about the most important way to do this first, and this is actually to employ our spiritual practice and do our shadow work.

You see, we want to create a scenario where we are like to line things just slide off of us. So Temple on… I know that there are some environmental concerns and health concerns with Teflon these days, but we know what Teflon isn’t does, and when it’s on a surface it makes it a very slippery surface.

We want the surface of our energetic being to be the same kind of non-stick.

We don’t want things to stick to us, because when things stick to us, where negative energy sticks to us, it’s also really going to have a negative effect.

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