Bringing the Feminine Into Astrology: Interview with Shellie Crow

Bringing the Feminine Into Astrology: Interview with Shellie Crow

Modern Mystic and Alchemical Astrologer, Shellie Crow, joins us on the podcast to talk about bringing forth the feminine in astrology and modern life. Through her deep dive into women and gender studies, as well as all things mystical, Shellie has developed a unique niche and perspective in the way she utilizes astrology as a tool of empowerment and change for today’s practitioner. Learn how, regardless of gender, how you can bring forth more of the feminine, and why it’s so important!

Welcome to the podcast, I’m so excited to introduce you today to a modern mystic spiritual leader and Torchbearer., Shelly Crow has been through quite a few of my programs, including the Alchemical Astrology Certification Program, as well as my Upward Facing Business Academy, and my Tarot certification course. So she is quite the modern mystic, but in addition to that, she’s also yoga instructor and has a higher education degree in Gender and Women’s Studies so she’s done a really unique thing with her mystical education, and that is to become an expert astrologer and through the lens of astrology to bring forth the feminine in a more powerful way.

She does this work with her clients all over the world and has created an incredible and successful business for herself. And I’m excited to introduce her to you on the podcast today.

we only know the feminine as it has been defined for us by the patriarchy

Learn more about Shellie and how she helps clients find their feminine using Astrology. Learn more about Shellie Crow –

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