Episode 11 - The Power of Loving Kindness: Intro to Metta Meditation

Episode 11 - The Power of Loving Kindness: Intro to Metta Meditation

The month of February is all about love! Let’s talk self-love, compassion, and forgiveness in terms of Metta (or, Maitri in Sanskrit), the practice of loving-kindness. This is one of the most powerful practices we can employ as spiritual leaders. It elevates our mind, and keeps our hearts clear so that we may absorb all the powerful benefits of our practice. Learn the background of the loving-kindness practice, as well as it’s roots in the yoga tradition. Plus, you learn how to do a Metta meditation practice, so you can start opening your heart right away!

During the month of February we often feel a lot of love, not just because of Valentine’s Day because it’s a great time of year to open our heart, we just end through the holidays, January is behind us and now we can turn our attention to our spiritual practice.

So instead of making this month about falling in love or the more romantic side of love, I wanted to turn our attention to the concept of loving kindness that sort of joy and love that we can feel toward really anybody, it’s a spiritual practice rooted in both Buddhism and yoga. And so I thought I would share a little bit more about it here on the podcast today

Budha says “When we hold grudges or when we judge others, it’s like drinking poison and hoping that other person will die”

One of my most favorite practices throughout my two decades as a yoga and spiritual practitioner has always been the Loving Kindness Meditation, or it’s also called meta meditation Metta this is a meditation that usually comes from the Buddhist tradition but it does also have very strong roots in yoga and so I’ll share those roots as well with you. And it’s something that not only helps us to spread love and joy and kindness to those around us, but it effectively opens up our own hearts as well, and this is so important for our spiritual progress our spiritual path.

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