The Psychology of Astrology: Looking at Your Energetic Blueprint

The Psychology of Astrology: Looking at Your Energetic Blueprint

Astrology continues to gain popularity, and for good reason! As a modern mystic and spiritual leader, it is an essential tool and powerful way to look at yourself and your clients. This podcast drills down on the importance of astrology and shares the inner workings of your own psyche through the lens of astrology. Find out how astrology works, and why it works for you!

Astrology is enjoying a renaissance of popularity right now, between horoscopes and full moon write-ups. I think we see astrology almost on a daily basis, everywhere we turn. But it’s also an important tool for the modern mystic and spiritual leader. I talk a little bit about why that is in previous podcasts, but I want to dig in on this podcast to teach you a little bit about how astrology works, why it’s so important for you, how to begin looking under the hood of your own psyche recognizing how astrology is essentially, psychology, why astrology is such an important tool for you as a modern mystic and spiritual leader.

the moment that I learned my partner’s moon sign or my children’s moon sign, I understood them so much better. Our relationships improved everything suddenly made sense.

Often, when I describe astrology, I couple it with the term psychology. Astrology is a psychology it’s a way for us to look at the mind from a different perspective, and one of the things that makes it so valuable to us as modern mystics is that we can do this in a way that is different from the way that other people look at the mind. Like mental health professionals psychologists, or psychiatrists.

Yes, astrology takes to look at the stars.

Astrologers for the last thousands of years have observed that when the planets are in particular positions in the sky, human beings tend to have predictable behaviors, as a result.

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