Connecting to the Crown Chakra

Connecting to the Crown Chakra

It’s Crown Chakra time – put your hand on the top of your head and there it is.

This area represents our connection to Source, self, and others. Connection is a biological imperative. We must feel connected to others and the world around us. Without it, isolation, apathy, depression and anxiety can seep in which can compromise our physical and mental well-being.

These are trying times for connection and it’s important to note that social media can often create a false sense of connection. Sure, you are online chatting or see messages from people and loved ones, but not having live humans in front of you can deprive you of connection for your psyche and life.

The best way to create that supportive web of connection is to actually spend time face-to-face with someone. Put down the cell phone at dinner. Look in the eyes of someone you care about. Listen to them and appreciate they are in your life. Especially when it’s difficult.

We also need connection to self and spirit. One way to foster this connection to something deeper is ritual.

Ritual is something that has been used by humans throughout history. It doesn’t have to be religious in nature. It is simply a set of actions that moves us from one psychological state of being to another.

One example is how we move from asleep to awake. Or the ritual of marriage from going from an individual to part of a couple. Our yoga practice can be a ritual. Rituals are present in our lives every day and often we don’t even realize we are engaging in them.

How to Create and Incorporate Ritual in Your Life

It’s important to craft a ritual that is meaningful for you. Incorporate things that are personal like fire, flame or water. Whichever you feel assists you in making the change better. This ritual needs a beginning, middle and end to talk back and forth through all parts of ourselves.

Try the mantra for the crown chakra: ‘I am connected.” to remind yourself that you are a part of something bigger than yourself. And helps you say YES to yourself!