Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Summer is upon us, and it is time to step our feet onto the sun-warmed earth, connect with our roots, ground ourselves, and stabilize our intentions and manifestations for the rest of the year ahead!Ā 

And June is the month to celebrate coming into the light. It is the perfect time to leave behind old belief systems or limiting truths and step into the brilliance of our full potential. The good news is that the stars are with us in this pursuit.Ā 

Summer SolsticeĀ on the 21st is the longest day of the year and it bathes us in the light of the sun. Astrologically, the sunā€™s light represents our conscious awareness and our highest potential, and is located at the energetic center of the third eye. More of this light leaves little room for the shadow; the doubt, small thinking, or limited beliefs that might otherwise convince us to play small for the world.Ā 

This immersion into the light is a good opportunity to think big, shed your old paradigms, set new goals, and shoot for the stars. What you set in motion with your intentions today will be in play for the next six months, so think big, be bold, and know that the Sunā€™s power of manifestation is aiding you in your finest creation.Ā 

With Saturn smoothly supporting the sunā€™s energy, there is a big focus on the root chakra for the summer solstice, encouraging us to stay grounded, steady, and focused on our highest aims. Pluto and Neptune fire up our intuition and connection to mysticism, challenging us to let go of all fears about what might be required in order for you to manifest your greatest potential. The time is now, and you are ready. Stand firmly in your power and set your next big goal in motion!

Overall, this month is a time to root and ground ourselves in order to give us the stability to manifest our greatest desires and urges. The focus on the root chakra is the prevailing energy this month, so set yourself up for personal success by following these suggestions to balance and harmonize this energy center.

Here is how you can work with the energy of the Summer SolsticeĀ all month long:Ā Ā 

Recommended activities: Try spending time, walking, orĀ  jogging outside, with the sunshine on your face; a barefoot yoga session in the park, or adding extra squats (to fire up the legs, which are connected to the root chakra) in your fitness routine! Even having a picnic outside in the sun will connect you with the most prevalent and grounding energies this month.

Summer Solstice Meditation:Ā We have Saturn and the root chakra in the mix this month, creating a direct relationship with our distant past. Itā€™s time to explore any limiting beliefs from childhood or your family that hold you back from pursuing your dreams and highest vision for yourself.

Try a seated meditation outside, on the earth. Connect to earth energy in order to feel which old, tired belief systems it is time to break through and revamp!

Take a comfortable seat outside. Close the eyes. Feel the breath move through the nostrils and past the third eye point. Visualize your third eye slowly opening. Place your hands on the earth and draw energy from the earth, into your hands, and up to the third eye. Silently ask yourself, ā€œWhat limiting beliefs currently hold me back?ā€ Wait for an answer. The answer may come in the form of an image, a sensation, a thought, or a sound. Accept whatever answer you get with an open heart and mind. Once you have received the answer, silently ask yourself, ā€œHow can I release this limiting belief?ā€ Again, receive an answer in the form that works best for you. Based on the answer you receive, write down 3 actionable steps you can take to start living your best life.

Mantra of the Month: I am Stable, Grounded, and Ready to Manifest My Highest Potential

Nourishing Solstice Smoothie Recipe:Ā Cherry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cocoa nibs, and coconut water (add acai for a third eye chakra boost!)

The last few months have slowly washed us in more light, and signaled that itā€™s time to bring into awareness that which can no longer hide in the dark. By shining a little light into our own dark places, we discover our power, truth and success - treasures that would otherwise become lost!

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