Cancer New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse (July 12, 2018): Solar Soul Satisfaction

Cancer New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse (July 12, 2018): Solar Soul Satisfaction

The New Moon in Cancer coincides with a partial solar eclipse on July 12, 2018. This astrological highlight is an opportunity for us to tap into our inner self and discover more about who we are and what serves our highest good. Hidden in the watery depths of the unconscious is the precious source of our greatest wisdom. As the mother of the sky, and ruler of our divine feminine nature (regardless of gender), Cancer represents our potential to utilize our emotions as nurturing guides signaling which direction to move next. When we pay attention, the unconscious speaks. We just need to understand the language. The most basic communication comes through emotion, and most easily understood as “good” feelings or “bad” feelings.

When we feel “good” about something, it is an inner signal to do more of that thing. When we feel “bad” about something, then this is the depths of our psyche telling us to stop, move on, or go in the other direction. Many of us have a difficult time paying attention to these subtle clues, but with a New Moon in Cancer supercharged by an eclipse, we are called to heighten our attention the unseen within us, and give credence to what we feel.

No one experiences emotion (#allthefeels) better than Cancer, who is always immersed in the body of water that represents our emotions. That Cancerian water is ruled by the moon, who shines its reflective light over our inner world. As we’re immersed in the exploration of our emotions, and tuning into the communications from our inner self of “good” and “bad,” this is a perfect time to exercise the yogic art of viveka, or discernment. Choosing what is right for you, versus what is wrong is the best thing we can do in our elevated attempt to always lean toward the light.

No time is more apt to do this critical shadow work than right now, in the subtle light of the corresponding solar eclipse. The energy of this event is powerful and lasts for 6 – 12 months. It is overshadowed by the great transformer of the sky: Pluto. And, one might consider this a Plutonian eclipse as much as a solar one. With Pluto directly opposite (and, I mean, directly!), he is charging us to do deep work around our emotions in some key areas: relationship, possessions, and self-imposed limits. With all these things, Pluto tells us to LET GO. Relationships that no longer serve your highest good must be surrendered at this time. Possessions that do not bring more joy to your life should be gotten rid of. Finally, any limits you place around what you are capable of must be shattered. This paves the way for Pluto’s gifts: wealth and power.

Wealth comes in many forms, but do not shy away from it’s rawest form: cold, hard cash. Pluto can be generous, and who are we to deny ourselves the generosity of the universe? Free yourself of any limiting beliefs or money blocks, and enjoy the riches the universe has in store. The best way to do this? Take actions that lead to greater wealth and cash flow. Say yes to the business opportunity. Try out the joint venture. Take the risk in order to reap the reward.

Power is Pluto’s other gift, and it is up to you whether you choose “power with” or “power over.” Power over others, of course, is the corrupt form of power that leads to unhappiness and suffering for all. Power with others is power divinely shared. It is the power to serve others with our gifts, and in so doing, to reap the generous rewards of that service. Neptune is situated at a beneficent angle to this eclipse and new moon reminding us that all things are possible when we are spiritually connected. Empower yourself through your spiritual practice, and you will always move in the direction of what feels right, true, and good.

And, nothing makes the Cancer new moon happier than when you are heeding your deepest emotions and moving toward that which satisfies your soul.

Alchemical Ritual for the Cancer New Moon & Solar Eclipse

As a water sign, Cancer is immersed in the watery world of the emotions and our unconscious drives. On the low side, this fluid sign becomes moody and overly sensitive, seeking self-protection at all costs. This new moon ritual for Cancer accentuates the high side of the sign so we express our emotions in a healthy way, allowing for receptivity, acceptance, nurturing, growth and self-care along the way.

Cancer’s ruler is the moon, the luminescent body that shines a light on our dark areas, namely, the unconscious. While Cancer sometimes falls prey to the shadow with emotional instability, it also has the opportunity to heal any wounds left untended, and brings awareness to our own darkness, ultimately revealing its light. To keep Cancer’s energy elevated in this ritual, try donning white clothing and gather white stones such as moonstone and place them in the center of your ritual space. You may also place your sacred items in a silver bowl or chalice, as silver compliments the moon.

Bring in the water element in some way, perhaps by placing a few drops of essential oils in water in the silver vessel, if you have it (jasmine, lemon or sandalwood oils work well with Cancer). These essential oils can be used to anoint your third eye chakra before and after your ceremony. Use sage, sweet grass or palo santo to cleanse yourself and the space by casting the smoke over yourself and encircling your own body three times. Light a few candles and dim the lights. Sit in the center of your space and bring the hands together at the heart center. Connect to the third eye, the location of intuition and our internal moon and say the following invocation aloud:

Moon, keep my eyes open to the messages that come from within me so that I may heed their lessons in my life.

Sit quietly as you call forth a dream image. Ask the unconscious to deliver an image that you need at this moment. Be patient and pay attention. Do not force or manipulate this process in any way. Rather, stay attuned to your breath. When you receive your dream image, simply observe it. Watch it move, hear it speak, or feel its presence. Rather than impart your own meaning to it, allow it to bring meaning to you. Let it express to you what it needs.

When complete, turn the internal gaze to the third eye and chant Om three times. Place the moonstone (or other white stone) in your hand and hold it to your third eye. This is now charged with the energy of your intuition and helps to connect you to it when needed. Snuff the candles and place the stone somewhere prominently enough that you are reminded daily of the power of your intuition. This ritual allows you to find the meaning in your life, knowing that the meaning always comes from within you.