Calling All Goddesses: The Universe is Asking for Your Attention

Calling All Goddesses: The Universe is Asking for Your Attention


It is high time for an emergent shift into the feminine principles of receptivity, acceptance, flexibility, fertility, abundance, creativity and openness. Luckily, this shift is energetically influenced by a cosmic confluence of all the asteroid goddesses in the sky starting July 13th until August 11th.


The world is experiencing a great upheaval at the moment. We call into question our cultural rules, societal norms, governmental workings and religious affiliations. This represents the quaking of the patriarchy as these old structures crumble and give way to emerging paradigms.


Hallelujah to that, lovers of the divine feminine!


This is the opportunity for all of us—regardless of the shade of our gender—to embody the feminine and embrace its astrological archetypes as a catalyst for positive change.


In the sky, we have four important asteroid goddesses, helpfully placed to round out the heavily masculine presence of most of the planets (Except Venus. We love you, Venus!). Each of these goddesses represents a primary archetypal energy of the feminine. These archetypes manifest through us, and show up in the world around us. The more we honor and pay attention to them, the more their expressions take hold in the world, shifting the current imbalance to a state of harmony.


Pallas Athena: The warrior goddess, Athena, is unafraid of her ferocity and ability to fight for what is right in the world. Like a lioness who protects her cubs at all costs, this feminine archetype is a guardian of the world and all in it. Don’t be afraid to use strategy, cunning, assertiveness and boldness to stand up for goodness.


Vesta: As the keeper of the flame and harnesser of sacred energy, Vesta offers us purity, focus and discipline. Without basal distractions, we are able to focus our divinely feminine energy to higher causes…to an almost magical and superhuman ability. Her archetype allows us to channel our creative energy to manifest true change.


Juno: Her role as committed partner is unparalleled, and Juno dedicates her life to her relationships and community. A sacred and necessary aspect of the feminine is the ability to foster communal interaction and support of one another. It is known that when women are empowered, they seek to empower others. Use this archetypal energy to tend to your intimate partnerships, build others up, and draw your community close.


Ceres: Abundance is a core aspect of the divine feminine, and none other embody this quality more than Ceres (also, Demeter in Greek mythology). As the goddess of the harvest, Ceres oversees growth and cultivation of all we plant in the world. Of course, this mother archetype has her challenges, as she withholds growth in the absence of her daughter. This archetypal energy embodies the complicated mother/daughter relationship (also, mother earth to all children), and the concept of release and return. Use this divine energy to welcome back all who may have wandered away, rejected, or been lost to you.


The powerful astrological aspect of the sky gracefully connects all these goddesses to smoothly support the use of all their archetypal energies at this time. You have all these forces at your disposal for use over the next several weeks. Retain a sense of mindfulness as you take stock of your life and see where each feminine principle is of greatest use to you. One thing is for sure: the divine feminine is there to support us all as we transition toward balance, acceptance, abundance and grace.


If you are unsure where to start wielding the power of the feminine, begin with Ceres as her energy is the focus of the astrological pattern in the sky. Perhaps ask yourself if you are reaping the rewards from your relationships that you hoped. And, if not, perhaps it is time to allow them to fall away to fertilize the ground of your being for something even more beneficial. The mother archetype is both the “womb and the tomb” as Shakespeare said. This is our ability to absorb and resorb that which no longer breathes life into us or the world, as well as our ability to create and give life to that which brings meaning to us and the world around us.


Bring forth that which is within you, and it saves you. And the world.