Astrology + Yoga: Insights, Income, and Inspiration

Astrology + Yoga: Insights, Income, and Inspiration

Has someone ever said this to you?

“Oh, that’s just the way I am.”

That statement is used to justify a lot of things.

But, most of all, it’s used to keep people small.

When we think “oh, that’s just the way I am,” there are no options for growth or change. We absolve ourselves to old behaviors, thought patterns, or belief systems…no matter how alienating or limiting they may be.


What if there was a way to be your best self? To fulfill your greatest potential instead of falling prey to old habits…

There is. And, it’s all mapped out for you amongst the stars.

Astrology gives us a cosmic blueprint of our psyche, showing us where our purpose and potential lies and how we can make the most of what we are given.

Because there is another side to “oh, that’s just the way I am.”

The other side is: “This is what I know I am capable of!”

We all want to be our best selves, and live our best life.

Astrology shows us how to get there. 🌟

Whether you study astrology to help exercise the fullest potential of your own cosmic blueprint or to help others realize theirs, it is perhaps the most powerful tool we have as #ModernMystics.

You know that as a yoga teacher people ask you for advice that goes far beyond stretching their hamstrings. They want to know what to do in relationships, how to find their true calling and get the answers to their biggest questions.

Astrology is how you help them💫

I want to show you the power of integrating astrology into your yoga teaching and practice (and how to earn extra money by doing so!) in my upcoming webinar:

Use Astrology to Uplevel Your Yoga Career
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To follow up on this, in my weekly Facebook Live, I discussed the power of integrating yoga and astrology into your weekly classes, practical ways to start doing that right now, and why astrology is the perfect complement to your career as a yogi.

Astrology + Yoga: Insights, Income, and Inspiration

If you’ve ever read horoscopes, 🌚 or 🌝 moon write-ups, or are just fascinated by astrology, then the topic of this week is for you! I hope to illuminate all the ways astrology can change your life and the lives of your clients, and help you differentiate yourself as a spiritual leader.