Aries Full Moon – Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

Aries Full Moon – Shine On, You Crazy Diamond

The Aries full moon invites us to take charge of our lives and think outside the box. You know you have it in you: the will to do what inspires you most.

Take advantage of this sacred energy and put this power to use. Aries carries the energy and passion of our drives and urges into the world. When used wisely, this energy is unstoppable and a force for positive change and growth. If you have played small up until now…stop. It doesn’t serve you or your gifts. Those who benefit from what you have to share are waiting for you to make your move.
A close relationship with Uranus gives this moon a special quirky flavor, suggesting that the way you express yourself at this time may be unexpected and stray from the norm. That’s good! Use this energy to magnify your independence and stretch your comfort zone past its limits and see what you create that plays with the edges of your reality. If you want to challenge your preconceived notions of what you “should” be doing, do it now! Take this opportunity to tap into your authentic self and follow your intuitive flashes. This is a good time to hone in on your unique talents and serve others in ways that encourages them to awaken, be inspired and thrive from your gifts.
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Get your zodiac cheat sheet now!

Along with the challenge to power up what you offer to the world, is the energy to communicate honestly and perhaps do a little research into what is most alive within you at this time. Deep within us are seeds that lie in wait for the right time to germinate. Ideally, we nourish them at their point of readiness. We don’t want to miss this opportunity to bring forth what is asking to be birthed at this time. Use your voice, start talking about it, saying yes to it, and feed it with your positive energy. By speaking about it, you bring it to life.

We want to avoid missing this opportunity. There is a powerful pattern of planets in the sky involving this moon suggesting that radical transformation is the key to overcoming your resistance to growth, and avoiding success. We thrive when we bring forth what is within us. We suffer when we try to ignore it. Not utilizing this energy may result in anger, repression and anxiety. Your best choice is to work with the energy signatures of the planets urging you to step up and bring your great idea or work to life. It is time to shine on, you crazy diamond.

Alchemical Ritual for the Aries Full Moon:

As a cardinal fire sign, Aries is capable of lighting passions and starting the charge toward obstacles that would seem insurmountable to anyone else. At this time, consider what lies ahead of you that the brazenness of Aries can help you develop the willpower to achieve.
Gather crystals (fire agate, aventurine, clear quartz are good choices), sage or sweet grass and find a symbol that represents what you would like to achieve under the energy of this full moon. Create your space with these items and light a candle. On a sheet of paper, write down your goal, and also a list of things that seem to stand in your way. Sit quietly in meditation on what you have written and say the following invocation:
Mars & the Moon, light the path of the spiritual warrior so that I may manifest my greatest achievement.
Take some time for quiet reflection. Finally, burn the paper with your goal and obstacles as you commit to letting go of what is holding you back. Cleanse yourself with sage or sweetgrass. Snuff the candle. Close the ritual with three chants of Om and a moment of gratitude.