4 Ways to Improve Relationships Through Yoga

4 ways to improve your relationships through yoga

Life is about relationships.

So is yoga.

Yoga is fundamentally a relationship-building exercise. Whether you’re building a relationship between you and source, conscious and unconscious, or between you and others.

Maybe, especially between you and others.

It is our relationships with others that truly test our yoga.

Our relationship to source is pretty easy, as long as we stay present. Source isn’t exactly standing us up on dates or behind on the rent.

Our relationship between conscious and unconscious is a little harder…we need to cultivate the practices of yoga psychology that allow for the wisdom and the dialogue of the unconscious to be heard. And, while our unconscious can certainly serve up a tantrum or a trigger here and there, it’s willing to listen and work with us when we’re ready.

Other people on the other hand? Forget it.

Not only do other people cause us to be angry, emotional, or occupied, here’s the worst part:

We can’t control them. ?

We have no control over their moods, their actions, their words, their behaviors, their triggers…those pesky “other people” are both out of control and often disturbing our peace of mind!

Look, I don’t at all think that we need to try and control others. Quite the contrary, it is much more beneficial for all to let others be who they are and manage the one thing we can control:

Our reactions to others.

Luckily, Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutra, gives us great advice for not only how to manage our reactions to whatever others might throw our way, but also provides us with a way to keep our mind elevated through it all.

Watch below to get the scoop on the 4 ways to improve your relationships with yoga psychology!

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