3 Ways to Change the Game as a Yogipreneur

3 Ways to Change the Game as a Yogipreneur

First of all, I just wanted to take a second to let you know how absolutely grateful I am that you are a part of this community. 🙏

We are growing like crazy (last I looked, we are up to about 11,000 members and gaining more every day!)

Even so, the real beauty in this community lies with the individuals in it…with you, and your ability to discover the unique way in which you serve your students by learning diverse skills in yoga and spirituality here with me.

In light of that pursuit – the pursuit of following your passion – and committing to it wholeheartedly…

Real talk –

What do you need the most help with right now?

What will it take to reach your goals as a successful yogi, a spiritual leader, and a killer curator of transformation for others?

What would you look back on in 3 or 6 months and say, “Holy Shiva, I’m SOOO glad I did this for myself!” 😍

Here’s your opportunity (NOW) to say:

“I’m tired of wondering what I don’t know about yoga, and I need to elevate my knowledge as a teacher and finally get the comprehensive training that will give me the substance and credibility to kill it in my community.”

Or, maybe you’ve got enough training in the bag, and now it’s time to specialize in something that’s really going to help you set yourself apart amongst the crowd, so you think…

“I have always wondered about astrology, and I think it would be a gift to be able to incorporate the wisdom of the stars into my classes and earn extra money by doing astrology readings for clients on the side.”

Or, you’ve been teaching long enough to know that it is really effing hard to make a good living as a yogi, so you say:

“Enough is enough. I’m tired of scraping by. It’s time to get the entrepreneurial skills I need to create a business that helps me stop trading time for money, create passive income, grow my audience like wildfire and make the kind of money I deserve as a hard working yogi!”

You are going to save so much time, by taking a moment now to look at the big picture of where you are now, and where you want to be by the end of the year…and making the next step in that direction.

This is your invitation to take 30 seconds and make a quick decision that will absolutely aid you on your path to becoming a successful spiritual leader in your own right.

Let’s do this. Take the time now to say:

“I’m ready to get the depth + breadth of skills I need to become the best yoga teacher possible.”

“Show me how to access the wisdom of the stars by becoming a Certified Astrologer.”

“It’s time to take my business to the next level and make more money as a yogipreneur.”

Whatever the next step on your path may be…

I’m thrilled to help you reach your goals! 💫🔮‍♂

On this week’s Facebook Live I answered all your burning questions. You can watch the replay below.

3 Ways to Change the Game as a Yogipreneur