Yoga as Spiritual Psychology: Flow State, Bliss, and Getting What You Ask For

Yoga as Spiritual Psychology: Flow State, Bliss, and Getting What You Ask For

Many years ago, I worked with a medium.

(don’t worry, this won’t get too weird, hear me out)

She was a cool lady on a mission. She wanted to help people access their greatest fount of inner wisdom:

By connecting with their spirit guide.

She taught me how to do it, and then she turned to me and said, “Now, it’s your turn to help others.”

Ever since then, I’ve used the practice of connecting to my spirit guide to help direct my daily decisions and keep me on a path of purpose….and I’ve helped others do the same.

Of course, this begs the question:

What is a spirit guide?

I don’t know! 🤣

Just because I don’t know doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work.

Essentially, the practice of connecting with a spirit guide is a way to do two very important things:

  1. Connect with your higher self (good wisdom up there!)
  2. Instantly access flow state (a state of bliss)

By connecting to your higher self, you are bridging parts of the psyche to create a connection with otherwise unknown or unaccessed parts of yourself.

This is extremely useful in fostering a state of yoga…where all parts of the psyche are unified.

When your highest self is perpetually in alignment with your purpose, you are always on the right path. #winning

So, by connecting to your spirit guide, you get the answers you need to stay in alignment with what is most true to you.

That’s pretty awesome, but it gets better.

In order to properly connect, you must learn to get out of your own way, and sideline the ego for a bit.

By letting the ego–the chattery, judgmental part of the mind–take a backseat, you let something much greater and wiser take over…

YOU! 🎉

I mean, the real you! Your spirit and your soul work together to guide you in this process, and…

This. Feels. Good.

In technical terms, this “feels” like Flow state.

Flow state is the term psychologists use when we are at our happiest, and are experiencing their greatest potential. Flow state is the optimal state for peak performance, productivity, bliss, and feelings of wonder and joy.

Not bad, huh?

When psyche, spirit, and soul act as one, that is flow. That is yoga.

Let’s get you connected!

On this week’s FB Live broadcast, I talked more about spirit, flow state, and what this means for our yoga practice. Yoga is a spiritual psychology, and is at the heart of the ultimate goal of yoga, which is…yoga! 😜

Yoga as Spiritual Psychology: Flow State, Bliss, and Getting What You Ask For


So grateful for you, my fellow #modernmystic!

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Thank you for diving down the rabbit 🐇 hole with me this week. I promise, it will be worth it! To take a deeper dive try my Connect with Your Spirit Guide course where I guide you through the process.