The Role of the Yoga Teacher: It’s Way Bigger Than Just Yoga

The Role of the Yoga Teacher: It’s Way Bigger Than Just Yoga

Last week we talked about the importance of spiritual leadership in this day and age.

This is something the ancients did well…but that we have yet to catch up on.

In ancient cultures like Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, and others, mystery schools trained spiritual leaders with a variety of tools to support the spiritual development of their people.

I remember when I went to Egypt, I saw evidence of the mystery schools and how they trained their students.

They painted astrological symbols on their ceilings, and planned holidays around the movement of the stars. They provided spiritual counseling in private rooms for individuals struggling with life’s big questions. They had special rituals to help people through major life events (birth, marriage, coming of age, etc.)

Who does this for us today?

We do.

The yoga teacher…whether we like it or not… is asked to do so many things.

More than just guiding people through asana, we are asked to be spiritual leaders.

I remember the first time a student pulled me aside after a teacher training session to confide the personal story of her crumbling relationship. She explained that yoga had transformed her, and while she’d previously known she had to leave the marriage, the teacher training program made it so clear that now was the time.

She was a different person because of the training. She couldn’t go back to who she was before that…and couldn’t go back to the marriage.

Then she asked me for advice.

“What should I do?” she said, “I know you have the answers.”

At the time, I was 23, and I didn’t really have any answers! Beyond helping people work on their alignment in triangle pose, I had never been asked a big question like this by a student.

It put me in a difficult position, because I wanted to help her, but I didn’t have the tools to do it…yet.

I know your students have called upon you to help them with big issues.

Undoubtedly you are asked for advice on more than just tight hamstrings. So, what do you do? How do you access deep wisdom in the unique way of a spiritual leader? And, what tools are at your disposal to be a different voice in people’s lives when they are going through a challenge?

A doctor diagnoses the body.

A psychologist assesses the mind.

A true yoga teacher heals the spirit.

That’s our wheelhouse, but we can’t do it with yoga alone. The ancient mystics knew this, and they reached far and wide into the universe to get all the tools necessary to aid in spiritual transformation.

Are you ready to do this, too?

The call has come for you to step into the position that your students and clients already expect you to inhabit. It’s time for you to gain the knowledge and skills you need.

This week’s Facebook Live broadcast. I talked more about our evolving role as a yoga teacher, and how you can be on the forefront of that wave.

The Role of the Yoga Teacher: It’s Way Bigger Than Just Yoga

So excited to be walking with you on this path, my fellow #ModernMystic. You are filling a necessary place in today’s society. I look forward to seeing how you step into that place and serve the highest needs of those around you!

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