The NEW Vinyasa: Flow State for Bliss & Happiness

The NEW Vinyasa: Flow State for Bliss & Happiness

We all want happiness. 😀

Do you know how to find it?

Yogis and spiritual seekers have spoken about lofty things like enlightenment and oneness for millennia. In the early 20th century, depth psychologist Carl Jung, coined the term individuation, which comes very close to the same idea.

But, what is this, really? And, how do YOU get it?

In my book, Yoga Beyond the Mat, I utilize the term bliss to describe the psycho-spiritual state of integration where we are completely immersed in life, time slips away, and we are intimately connected to ourselves or those around us. Bliss seems to be the best English equivalent to that elusive state that sages have taught about over the years.

Recently, though, modern psychologists have coined another term–one that yogis will certainly be familiar with–and that is, flow.

Flow state has been found by neuroscientists to be an alpha brainwave state that sits right between consciousness and unconsciousness. Psychologists know it to be our most creative, joyful, productive, and relaxed state. In flow state, there is reduced stress, depression and anxiety are alleviated, and we are fully engaged in life in a way that bypasses emotional attachment (mitigating suffering), and increases empathy and connectivity.

Flow is that state of bliss (complete joy, oneness, or enlightenment) that we all yearn for, but have little idea how to get…or, more importantly, how to sustain.

Unsurprisingly, researchers have found that the best way to consistently achieve flow state is through mindfulness practices and meditation.

No kidding. 😜

The good news here is that, as a #ModernMystic, you are certainly on the right track to achieving and maintaining flow state…also known as yoga!

The better news is that there are a few key ways to hack flow state so you get there more quickly and with more consistency.

While my entire book, Yoga Beyond the Mat, is a guide to discovering and living your bliss, I do have one extra-special trick up my sleeve, too.

While digging deeper into research on flow state, I came across something the concept that checking in with the higher self (your spirit guide) instantly activates flow state and puts you in accord with your own purpose.


This is something I’ve been doing for years, and I knew that it worked, but seeing that checking in with spirit for answers and guidance is a way to reset alpha brainwaves, diminish negative thought patterns, and put the conscious and unconscious mind into sync, Blew. Me. Away.

I’d been super scared to teach my technique for connecting to spirit because I didn’t want to seem too fringe (I know, that’s hard to do given that I also teach astrology, yoga, and tarot!). This was the research that my academically-oriented mind needed to bring this work to you.

Because you deserve to have a tool you can use every day to step into flow state, connect with bliss, and get the answers you need.

This week, I gave you two opportunities to learn a new definition of “flow” and how to incorporate it into your life and your practice.

The NEW Vinyasa: Flow State for Bliss & Happiness

To activate flow state on the regular, you need a tried-and-true technique that turns on alpha brain waves and connects you to your highest wisdom. I teach you a powerful time-tested tool in my online course, Connect With Your Spirit Guide. You will learn what a spirit guide is (it’s not what you think!), how to connect, why it is essential for you as a spiritual seeker, and most importantly…how to teach it to others.

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Looking for ways to enter your flow state, find inner peace & get the answers you need? Then register for Connecting with Your Spirit Guide.

This is an exciting addition to your spiritual practice, and I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to get laser-clarity on your biggest questions, and your life’s purpose…so you can turn it around and help others with this work, too!

It’s time to connect in all the ways possible, in order to know yoga for yourself…on the regular!