Shawn J. Moore & Sound Healing--Tap into this month's Karma Class benefiting the UNCF

Shawn J. Moore & Sound Healing--Tap into this month's Karma Class benefiting the UNCF

February is Black History Month, and while I’m Black 365, this is always the perfect time to find ways to intentionally celebrate the pioneers of the past, as well as the movers and shakers of the present who are living and breathing Black History.

Shawn J. Moore is one of those movers and shakers. We’re taking a break from our standard asana class on Saturday the 13th to have an informative discussion about Sound Healing. We’ll discuss the origins & benefits of sound healing, and then take a luxurious journey through the parasympathetic nervous system with crystal quartz bowls, chimes, symbols, and Himalayan singing bowls.

I’m so excited about this offering. Shawn hosted a New Year’s Soundbath, and it was the best way that I could have started my year. Shawn wears many hats, including sound healer, certified Gallup Strengths coach, Phoenix Rising Project Council member, and the host of the Modern Rebel Podcast: Where Mindfulness and Leadership Intersect. The audio podcast inspires and empowers other ambitious individuals by sharing the advice of those who demonstrate success in life and their respective impact areas.

As you might know, each month, we choose an organization that we will support. We donate 100% of the proceeds raised from ticket sales to that organization as our “selfless service of others. This month, we’ll be contributing to the UNCF or United Negro College Fund. The UNCF s the nation’s oldest and most effective minority education organization. Over $100 million in scholarships are awarded annually to students to help them matriculate through the college or university of their choice. The UNCF also offers additional forms of support through programming and mentorship.

Register for this month’s Karma class here to support the UNCF and the work they continue to do!

If you’re interested in learning more about Shawn and his work, visit his website and subscribe to his mailing list to stay up to date on his offerings.