Online Yoga Teacher Training: Why it Rocks

Online Yoga Teacher Training: Why it Rocks

Have you ever gotten to the end of a yoga class and thought to yourself, “I wish I could do this for a living.”

Or, maybe, you’ve dug into your favorite yoga book and considered, “Where can I learn more of this stuff?”

And, if you’ve ever done a 200 hour teacher training course, I’m sure you’ve thought, “What’s next?”

Here’s one place to get the answer to those questions:

The Kaivalya Yoga Method 500 hour online teacher certification program.

After writing and leading teacher trainings for more than a decade, I watched people struggle with these questions and more. As a result, I poured everything I knew into this online experience, and have watched hundreds of yogis thrive, grow, and share their expertise and passion with their students around the globe.

As we roll up on the 2 year anniversary of this groundbreaking online learning experience, there are so many opportunities for you to…

  • Get individualized guidance and feedback on your teaching skills
  • Take continuing education courses that elevate your knowledge
  • Immerse yourself in the most comprehensive program available online
  • Become the best yoga teacher possible!

If you’re skeptical of online teacher training (I would be, too!), then I’d like to invite you to join me for the next webinar that takes you right inside the program.

I’ll show you how it works, what to expect, the vast amount of knowledge and deep experience you’ll gain, and I’ll also answer all your questions about the program.

The webinar is free, and it could very well be a game-changing 60 minutes for you! ?

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There is nothing like a yoga teacher training to deepen and broaden your practice and understanding of yoga. In fact, strangely enough, the way that modern day yoga is set up, there’s almost no other way to practically and reliably take your yoga to the next level without embarking on a teacher training.

So even if you just want to learn more about yoga, and are not sure if you want to teach in the future or not, a teacher training is an awesome immersive experience.

The great thing about my comprehensive online program is that it fits into your life.

No need to take full weekends off, invest thousands of dollars in travel and accommodation, or worry about missing anything because life throws you a curveball.

In addition to the insane amount of individualized attention you receive in this online program, you are also able to take your time with the material, review lectures and content as much as you’d like, and take your time becoming the best yoga teacher possible.

On this week’s Facebook Live I shared insights about my online program, told you why online yoga teacher training is an awesome experience, why this program might be right for you, and helped you overcome any skepticism about learning yoga online (yes, you can learn yoga online, and it’s amazing). You can view the replay below.

Online Yoga Teacher Training: Why It Rocks



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