New Year, Mindful Me: Alanna Kaivalya's Total Transformation Bootcamp for the Soul

New Year, Mindful Me: Alanna Kaivalya's Total Transformation Bootcamp for the Soul

I’ve personally declared that I’m not making any resolutions this year. I’m just not doing it. Surviving the year two thousand and twenty in one piece has been my greatest accomplishment to date. There’s nothing here to resolve. If you’re reading this, you too have survived said year, and deserve a rousing CONGRATULATIONS for doing so!

I have, however, done much reflecting this month on how I’ve survived this year–the ropes that I held tightly to that I had to release, the relationships that weren’t able to persevere, and the trauma(s) that played a never-ending game of tug-o-war with my emotions and peace of mind. While I’m not making any quantifiable promises to myself about getting better, losing or gaining weight, starting or stopping habits, routinizing, or anything of the sort, I have decided that I will be gentle with myself and my life. I will embrace being gentle with how I navigate the world and, I will enjoy figuring out all of the different ways that gentleness will manifest in 2021.

One way that I’m doing this is through meditation, asana, and other things that I enjoy doing that I do not typically make time for. For example, this week I’ve committed to writing in a new journal that I love that was designed by Jannah Williams, my friend & graphic designer. I’ve released myself from “journaling” in the traditional sense of what I thought that an entry had to be, but have allowed myself to just write whatever comes up, usually after I meditate and drink tea… it doesn’t have to happen then, and it’s also not the end of the world if I skip part of that process. I also have spent time reading plays written by Black authors. I was a drama major in undergrad and spent countless hours rehearsing, performing, dancing, and just playing around on a stage. I read plays for my enjoyment and for class, and really haven’t read one since I graduated–spoiler alert, I’m not the broadway star that I thought I was going to become. All of that to say, being gentle this week included reading two plays because I wanted to.

While I’m not making any resolutions for myself, I do believe in and am looking forward to practices that will help me to continue to be gentle.

Starting January 7th, Alanna Kaivalya is launching this year’s Total Transformation: Bootcamp for the Soul, excited about it. As you know, The Kaivalya Yoga Method Online Teacher Trainings and additional programming are all about equipping us to be the best yoga teachers and spiritual leaders that we can be. This program is no different.

This boot camp is not about losing a certain amount of weight or cutting all of the carbs from your diet. It is about using data to notice your stressors and where you are in terms of your own happiness, and then building a daily practice to uplevel and maintain that happiness. It’s not a physical transformation, but it’s a transformation for the soul. Here’s how it works–you’ll collect baseline, midway, and ending dating to measure and assess your own happiness. For 28 days, you’ll participate in journaling, asana, and meditation practices to help you tap into, develop, and maintain your spiritual growth. Will you be the same after the 28th day? Hopefully not. Will you be happier? Hopefully! It’s actually all up to you.

What’s the investment you ask? You get the whole program for a $1 upfront investment. Sound too good to be true? It’s not if you commit to building your daily practice and completing the program 100%. If you fall behind or do not complete it with fidelity, then you’ll pay the full course price of $296 at the end of the 28 days and you will receive lifetime access. That’s motivation enough for me.

So what does 2021 have in store for you? Do you have a resolution in mind? Are you committing to being gentle with yourself? Are you trying to become more mindful? Do you just want to be happier each day? Whatever it is, I’m sure that 28 days of total transformation will help you answer your own questions. Sign up here for $1 today. Happy New Year!