My Special Project--Are You In?

My Special Project--Are You In?

Hi there, #ModernMystics!

I wanted to let you in on a little secret. I’m working on a super exclusive project. It is designed for a very specific type of person, and if you want to be involved, I’d love to know if you’re a good fit.

Here’s the project’s mission:

  • I want to help five budding spiritual leaders share their extraordinary gifts with the world
  • I want to provide unmatched one-on-one support to help you start your 2022 off with a BANG
  • I want to give you the tools to step into your power, embrace your inner unicorn, own your abilities and never look back

Are you with me? Here’s the criteria to be a part of this project:

  • You have an epic project, workshop, course or training you want to develop
  • You need some hand-holding and a whole lot of encouragement to achieve this massive goal you’ve set for yourself
  • You’re looking for one-on-one attention because you’re worth it (and also you hate to share)
  • You’re ready to unlock the next level of success in your spiritual business, practice and/or career
  • You’re prepared to do the work, make moves, kick butt and take names
  • You want to hang with me
  • And you can’t wait to hear the details of this special project…

If this sounds like you, send an email to with the secret code word: PEACOCK—because that’s the type of regal and majestic vibe you’re going to feel when you join me on this exclusive special project.

When I see your email message with the word PEACOCK, I will respond with the details. Be sure to check your spam and promotions folders because I don’t want you to miss out. I can’t wait to hear from you. Talk to you soon!