March and Mental Health--Mentor Jordyn teaches March Karma Class benefiting the JED foundation.

March and Mental Health--Mentor Jordyn teaches March Karma Class benefiting the JED foundation.

March is Women’s History Month, and at, we’re also lifting up mental health awareness. It’s essential that as we celebrate and uplift women and their contributions to the world, we also hold space for the challenges, practices, and maintenance of mental health.

Karma comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “action or doing.” Karma yoga is the path of yoga that prioritizes selfless acts of service for others. Karma yoga practitioners use their practice to serve others–focusing more on the spiritual offering of service without focusing on the results or what they might receive in return. In this vein, we at are so proud of our monthly karma yoga class. We use our asana practice to benefit organizations that we believe in, which are doing extraordinary work to celebrate and improve the human condition. We donate 100% of the proceeds that we earn from ticket sales to these organizations as our “selfless service of others.” This is how we take our yoga off of the mat.

On Saturday, March 27th, we’re supporting the JED foundation with our karma yoga class at noon ET. The JED Foundation is a non-profit organization that focuses on three main areas:

  1. help schools evaluate and strengthen their mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention programs and systems to safeguard individual and community health
  2. develop expert resources and create powerful partnerships to ensure more teens and young adults get access to the help and support they need to navigate life’s challenges
  3. educate and equip students, families, and communities to know when and how to support others who are in distress or struggling with a mental health issue

The Jed Foundation believes in a comprehensive, public health approach to promoting mental health and preventing suicide for high schoolers and college students of color. The JED Foundation has developed a data-driven and comprehensive approach to promoting mental health and suicide. We couldn’t be any more excited to partner with this organization to help advance their work.

We all know how crucial mental wellness is with all of the collective trauma we experienced due to the global pandemic, racism, wildfires, political exhaustion and trauma, and financial insecurity of 2020 and even 2021. Our lead mentor, Jordyn, will be leading a 60-minute vinyasa yoga class to get us out of our minds and into our bodies. By using a variety of related lenses such as prāṇāyāma, āsana, and deep relaxation techniques, Jordyn’s offering will allow us to remove the obstacles that may be blocking us from our healing power. You can expect to be held with a nurturing softness as she delivers a flow that combines complex muscle engagement and intentional breathwork to support our mental health and wellbeing.

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Watch the video to hear Jordyn talk more about Saturday’s offering.