Introducing the Fab Five - The Kaivalya Yoga Method Mentors

Introducing the Fab Five - The Kaivalya Yoga Method Mentors

This week on the blog, I am excited to share an exclusive interview with the Fab Five — Andrew (also known as Hoff), Emily, Alyssa, Jordyn, and Meli, aka The Kaivalya Yoga Method mentors. Each week, the mentors gather to discuss assignments, upcoming curriculum, grading, student concerns, and how to serve the community better. I had the opportunity to crash last week’s meeting and ask the following questions:

1) What’s the most meaningful part of your role as a mentor?

2) What does yoga mean for you on and off of the mat?

As I listened, it became apparent how vital it is to establish a connection with the students. I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise, considering so much of their role involves interacting with students in the online yoga teacher training. Maybe surprised isn’t the best word, but rather refreshing to hear about their commitment to the student’s success. Admittedly, I am not a graduate of the Kaivalya Yoga Method. I am grateful for the program I completed, but interacting with the mentors made me question how I could have further benefited from a program with dedicated individuals committed to teaching me and engaged in my learning experience? What if I could have asked the questions I was eager to get answered? Or bounce ideas off of other active yoga teachers who were teaching while traveling the world, or considered themselves “modern mystics” or spiritual leaders well versed in astrological and energetic practices, or reforming how group fitness leaders could advocate for themselves and each other?

As we live through this challenging time experiencing life changes due to COVID, I have reflected on what yoga means to me on and off the mat. How my practice can sustain me, not just physically, but also how it can help me process this unprecedented experience to better help my students. You’ll hear the mentors talk about their physical asana practice, and how they live it; how they live their yoga. You’ll hear them share what it means to them and what guides them each day.

Talking with the mentors, I not only learned more about them but also learned more about myself. I learned more about my spiritual practice and how I can show up for myself and my community.

Take a look at the interview and let me know what you think.


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