Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: Swimming in Divine Waters:

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: Swimming in Divine Waters:

Pisces energy activates our transcendent function—meaning, this energy calls us to our deeper spiritual connection. With this full moon, we are asked to let go of all that holds us back, or separates us from others, from the source, or from our own soul.

Pisces loves nothing more than divine connection, and it is our work to take advantage of this full moon and use it to create the connection for which we all yearn. So many things get in the way of our connected state on a daily basis, and the further we are from it, the more we suffer.

Within all of us is this spiritual energy, and this full moon highlights it for us and brings it out of the shadows. While we may get along for a little while just fine “on our own,” eventually, we must all dip our toes in the waters of the divine to feel reinvigorated and recharged. This full moon is super-powered by a lunar eclipse and so this time—more than any other—is the time to do the practices that most connect you to yourself.

A tight conjunction with Chiron suggests that the biggest obstacle to this connection is your own core wound. There is something deep within your own shadow waiting to be healed. It is only through the light that the darkness may subside. Let the darkness of the eclipse guide you into this place, so that when the light returns, you are ready to embrace and accept all that you find with your whole heart. This is the path to healing, this moon lights the way.

Challenging angles to Venus and Mars suggest that there is activated energy around intimate partners, and you may find that they touch this core wound in deep and significant ways. This doesn’t mean that they are the problem…it means they are the solution! Nothing triggers us like intimate relationship (It is truly the fast track to spiritual progress), so rather than turn the darkness back on them, do as is suggested above and take this opportunity to seek it out within yourself. You may call upon them to aid you in your healing practice, as their support may be integral to the foundation you need to do your own personal work.

Pluto and Jupiter both offer their energy during this moon and amplify all the energies at play here. Pluto, with its desire for rebirth and resurrection urges you to lift the veil of your separation and witness the truth: that you are at one with all that is. Feel the expansive energy of this truth, as you immerse yourself in the waters of delightful and divine connection…lit by the light of this Pisces full moon.

Alchemical Ritual for Pisces Full Moon:

For Pisces, nothing is more important than transcendence. The two fish that represent Pisces enjoy swimming in the waters of spiritual connection more than anything else. When Pisces can’t achieve this connection (or, when it denies it to itself), it often copes by numbing out—either through martyrdom, drug and alcohol use, or other avoidance and non-committal behavior. To get Pisces to tap into the high side of its energy signature, it is wise to remain connected to a spiritual practice that saturates you with the divine connection you need. This ritual helps to bridge the gap between our inner and outer realities so that you can swim in the spiritual waters while keeping your feet on the ground.

This ritual requires water. If possible, take a bath before the ritual to immerse yourself in the natural element of Pisces. You may fill a sacred cup or vessel with water and place it in your ritual space. Gather your favorite crystals (Aquamarine, Amethyst or Lapis Lazuli are good choices if you have them) and a candle or two in front of you. Use sage, sweet grass or palo santo to cleanse yourself and the space by casting the smoke over yourself and encircling your own body three times. Find a symbol that activates you spiritually and makes you feel connected to source. This can be anything—a religious icon or relic, a picture or an object. Light your candles, sit comfortably in your space and hold the symbol as you close the eyes and say the following invocation:

May the highest qualities of Pisces and this Full Moon allow me to connect to my highest spiritual connection and my deepest soul purpose.

Spend a few moments in quiet contemplation as you absorb the connection to source inspired by the invocation and ritual. Feel what comes up from inside you as you clear your mind and allow your soul to communicate your highest needs. Be delighted at what arises. As you receive insights, place the ring finger (or first finger) of your right hand into the water you’ve place in the ritual space and anoint yourself with it by lightly touching your forehead, your sternal notch at the base of the throat, and your heart. Do this as many times as necessary.

When your ritual feels complete, bring your hands to prayer at your heart, chant Om three times, and snuff the candles. Anoint your symbol with the sacred water and place it somewhere that you see it everyday in order to be reminded of the connection you have cultivated in this ritual. Let it be a reminder of how to connect to your source, and also, of how connected you are at all times.