Exploring the Sacral Chakras

Exploring the Sacral Chakras

Let’s keep diving into the chakras – with this week focusing on the second or sacral chakra located at the lower belly or on the lower part of the back. This is where you’ll feel sensations if this chakra is speaking to you.

Your body speaks to you? Yes!

It’s important to listen to the messages from the body. They will start off subtle at first, but if you aren’t tuning in, your body will start tuning up the intensity of the sensations so you start paying attention!

How the Second Chakra Shows Up

You may feel this second chakra, the sacral or Svadhishthana chakra, in the lower back or belly, and sexual organs. That’s where you’ll feel sensations when it needs attention.

This second chakra represents the emotions, the depth of our psyche, and has roots in things that happen in our childhood. As we begin to relate to others, we learn that certain actions cause different results which cause emotional reactions. And these things get patterned into our every day life, interactions and habits and continue into adulthood.

Know what brings up major emotions? Our intimate partners! These relationships are almost guaranteed to create strong emotions – positive and negative! So it’s important to do some inner work around our sacral chakras to deal with these strong emotional reactions.

If you are triggered by simple actions by your partner – even things like getting angry because they leave the towels on the floor – it’s possible that this is tied to something that happened in your childhood. Some relationship to something we learned early on. Crazy, right?

Want to know something else? Your emotions only last about 60-90 seconds. Yup, that’s it. Your emotion is a quick reaction that shows up for about a minute and then fades.

Why do you feel angry for hours? Because your mind keeps reliving it over…and over…and OVER again and putting yourself through the emotional trauma. So. Exhausting.

How to Heal Your Second Chakra

So what you want to do is break through the tyranny of your emotions. This hold they have over you, your thoughts and your actions. You don’t want to repress them, but have the emotion, allow it to wash over you fully, and then move on from them.

Another physical tip – work on hip openers in your yoga practice so you can show your body that you’re open and emotionally available to whatever life throws at you. And incorporate the mantra – I am enough.

Here’s to hanging out with your emotions!

In my next post, I’ll be talking about the ego and your sacral chakra, so stay tuned.