Episode 46 - Launching Your Successful Online Yoga Biz: Case Study with Jory Serota

Episode 46 - Launching Your Successful Online Yoga Biz: Case Study with Jory Serota

As a career yoga teacher, making a decent living is truly challenging. However, moving our yoga business online paves the way for true success. Going online is even more important in 2020, as a fellow yoga teacher, Jory Serota, shares with us in this podcast. Hear his journey of going online and his $55K launch, and how you can do it, too!

Being a career yoga teacher is challenging, but in the year 2020, it’s even harder. We’ve seen articles come out about yoga studios who are not just closed because of the pandemic but are shutting their doors for good. This makes it even more difficult for the career yoga teacher or a spiritual leader to make a living moving forward unless we move our business online. In today’s podcast, I’m excited to chat with my friend and colleague, Jory Serota. A few years ago, Jory Serota took my advice and moved his entire business online to great success. You’ll hear us talk about that process, what his challenges were, how he overcame them, and how he launched his course and made $55,000. This can be you too, and more than at any other time, I wanna encourage you to move your business online so that you can thrive and continue to make an impact with your community.

There is not a single person that I need to thank more for helping me transition from an in-person live yoga teacher to an online teacher more than you, Alanna.

I’m really excited today to be talking with my very dear friend, as well as an extraordinary accomplished yoga teacher and online course creator, Jory Serota. Jory, thank you very much for being here with me today.

For more information, please visit Jory’s Website, Applied Yoga Integration.

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