Empowering Your Ego and the Solar Plexus

Empowering Your Ego and the Solar Plexus

Ego. What comes to mind when you think of that word? Villain, haughty, full of self-importance…the ego gets a bad rap.

In reality, the ego is actually simple – it’s how you interact with the world and participate in life. It’s your personal narrative…your uniqueness…the way you are special.

The ego at its best is able to bring life to others and allow you to connect with others. We are here for connections. It’s hardwired into our humanity. And it’s an incredible privilege to become fully who we are and connect with people at a deep level that serves others and creates a dynamic interplay with the world around us.

So now that we like the ego and want that source of empowerment around, we can talk about where it’s found – in the third chakra or manipura. This is the solar plexus located at the navel or middle back. It’s our digestive tract and gut. Our core.

How to Tell When Your Solar Plexus Needs Attention

Our third chakra can show up as sensations in the belly. They can be butterflies or queasiness showing us that we’re nervous about standing up in front of a crowd for example. Or a gut punch when there’s a negative reaction. These messages tell us that we’re getting attention – eek!, or that might need some to calm down.

If you’ve ever had an argument with someone and your stomach hurt or you felt like you were going to throw up, this was your third chakra feeling the disconnection. The sensation of your ego getting punched and rejected. That disconnection hurts!

How to Heal and Empower the Third Chakra

As spiritual leaders, our work is internal. So our meditation and yoga practice, our self-inquiry will require us to listen to these messages at this level in our body.

One way to help heal this chakra is to allow yourself to be fully who you are and connect deeply with others. Discover your gifts and what sets you apart from others. Remind your psyche that you’re important, wonderful and essential to the world.

Another way to keep your third chakra healthy and functioning is to work on your connections with others. Balance their needs with yours, be honest, open and willing to talk. And be with others who appreciate what makes you unique.

A fantastic yoga pose that helps wring out this chakra and give your body that ‘I’ve got this’ empowered feeling especially when feeling nervous or disconnected is a twist.

A mantra ‘I am empowered’ to remember that we all have a subtle power within that is driven by being exactly who we are.

Next week, we are going to talk about everyone’s favorite chakra – the heart chakra!.