5 Ways to Make Money INSTANTLY as a Yogi

Alanna Kaivalya Yoga Teacher

As a yoga teacher, have you ever been strapped for cash? Trying to make ends meet by racing around town teaching classes is not an easy job…but many yoga teachers do just that. The struggle of the full-time yogi is real, and it is also very painful.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from people at the height of that pain.

They are burnt out trying to teach too much, and have no time for themselves. Or, they’ve just been hit with an emergency situation, and have no reserves to pay for it. Exasperation, desperation, and exhaustion are common through lines in the messages I receive from dedicated yogis trying to do anything to make their career work.

Being broke generates debilitating fear that causes us to make bad decisions for ourselves and our business. No amount of “abundance mindset” or “the law of attraction” will get rid of that fear or bring dollars to your doorstep.

Only one thing turns this around: changing your business model.

I want to show you what you can do RIGHT NOW to bring in some extra cash.

You have all the tools you need at this moment to execute any one of these five suggestions! And, any one of these five will earn you money quickly, and without a lot of effort…

This is the beginning of shifting your mindset from trading time for money to creating effortless systems of passive income.

Here are my five proven strategies for making money now as a yoga teacher:

  1. Offer a “Yoga Review” to clients
  2. Create a customized yoga plan
  3. Schedule an online “Live” workshop
  4. Create beautifully designed templates
  5. Small group coaching opportunity

I explain all the strategies above and give you three easy ways to pitch them in the video below!

When we learn to stop trading time for money and set up systems to generate passive income, we give ourselves the freedom to relax from the fear of being broke. We finally earn what we deserve.


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