Mercury is Retrograde...Again!

Mercury is Retrograde...Again!

Hello, Mystic Friends!  Are you already feeling the effects of the Mercury Retrograde?  Have you noticed that suddenly it feels like a struggle to be able to put your thoughts into words?  Perhaps there has been miscommunication, and people are not receiving your messages in the way you intended.  Maybe, out of nowhere, you have had trouble connecting to the internet.  Did you barely make it to a meeting, because of course there had to be more traffic today of all days? 

When Mercury retrogrades, these types of challenges become a more frequent occurrence.  So what exactly is Mercury retrograde anyway, and how do we work with this astrological event so that we can minimize the disruptions that may come with this shift in energy? 

Mercury retrograde is an event that occurs when the Earth passes Mercury as it orbits the sun.  The position of the Earth in relation to the position of Mercury creates the impression that Mercury is going backwards since a planet in orbit can only go in one direction and cannot abruptly reverse its course.  The planets in our solar system rotate the sun at different distances and speeds similar to the way cars pass each other on the freeway.  When a driver of one car decides to pass another car, it may appear as if the other car is moving backwards when the driver passes it.  However, as we know, this is just an illusion.

Mercury retrograde does create shifts in energy, though, and the effects of these energetic shifts are quite evident.  For those of our mystic friends who have taken the Alchemical Astrology Certification course, we know that Mercury indicates a certain type of energy.  In terms of astrology, Mercury is responsible for our thoughts, ideas, communication, writing, learning, data, technology and short-range travel.  Therefore, Mercury retrograde tends to impact these aspects of our everyday lives.

In the busy hustle and bustle manner in which we usually navigate the world, we rarely give ourselves a moment to slow down.  The best way for us to avoid disruptions that tend to manifest during Mercury retrograde, however, is to slow down.  Taking our time allows us the opportunity to be more mindful and to really pay attention to how we are communicating, traveling and utilizing technology.  What are we putting into the world?  Is it in alignment with our highest self?  How are we affecting those around us?

Tips for Working With Mercury Retrograde

  • Confirm plans
    • Travel plans
    • Plans you may have with others
  • Allow for extra time when traveling
    • Expect delays
  • Try to avoid signing any contracts
    • If you must sign a contract, perhaps have a second set of eyes look over the document
    • Read the fine print
  • Tune into your throat and heart chakra to ensure they are balanced and in support of one another
    • And in alignment with your highest self
  • Give yourself some time to journal
  • When creating documents, triple check the typos
  • Remain flexible
    • Mentally prepare yourself to go with the flow
    • Know that if things change, it is not personal
  • Avoid starting new things
    • Mercury Retrograde is currently occurring and will continue until January 1, 2024
  • Go within to make sure your own needs are being met
    • Prioritize Self-Care
    • Meditate
    • Rest and recharge
  • Above all else,
    • Trust Your Intuition


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