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Led by Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D. (also known as The Yoga Doctor), HEY connects you with the teacher’s teacher, someone who created teacher training programs for the top studios in the US, wrote three popular books on yoga, earned recognition as the top 20 teacher under 40 by Yoga Journal, and challenged and changed the yoga industry for almost two decades.

The HEY membership is designed for yogis ready to take their practice or careers to the next level…without the commitment of lengthy (expensive) trainings.

Come see why thousands of yogis have sought out her knowledge and wisdom for training and higher education in the field of yoga.


Teacher’s Tune-Up

Whether you are a teacher or aspire to be one, understanding the key skills, knowledge, and techniques of the most exemplary yoga teachers allows you to unlock yoga’s true gifts and create success within your spiritual practice.

Beyond the Mat

You know yoga is bigger than asana. While there are more than enough resources out there on how to do triangle pose, we focus on the alignment of the spirit and soul.

Mantras + Meditation

The oldest practices of yoga are not asana and sun salutations, but mantras and meditation. This pillar brings you different methods of meditation that work for the modern day practitioner, and mantras that provide relevance and power for spiritual transformation.

Stepping Into Spiritual Leadership

We are being called into our post not just as teachers, but as spiritual leaders. This pillar brings your higher education on the essential role of a spiritual leader, and elevates the yoga teacher to this post with necessary training and support.

Modern Mystic Musings

Yoga itself is wonderful, but incomplete as a total transformational tool. This pillar brings you higher education on modern mysticism so you complete the puzzle of transformations with a variety of tools and skills that unlock your greatest potential.

Myth of the Month

As teachers, myth is a tool to teach students how to look past their belief systems and realize wholeness. This pillar brings you higher education on the mythology of yoga, and each month you receive a new myth to live by.

Every month, you receive new lectures, recordings and content within each pillar.

The support, advanced training & community you need in higher education in yoga that turns good yoga teachers into extraordinary yoga teachers.


Yes! Subscriptions may be canceled at any time prior to your next billing cycle. Simply cancel before your next billing cycle if you no longer wish to be a member. No refunds are available for any HigherEducation.Yoga subscriptions (either monthly or annual). Annual subscriptions provide yearly access, and cannot be pro-rated or refunded at any time.

Patience, 🦗, patience! Once you sign up for the monthly plan you'll instantly unlock a special upgrade offer to save big $$$ on an annual plan.

Absolutely! In fact, we know how difficult it is to attain more education about yoga without attending a teacher training! It seems as if the greater body of wisdom is reserved for teacher training programs...and that is not the case with HigherEducation.Yoga. While we do have many teachers in the membership, we welcome all levels of practitioners with an interest in deepening their studies and taking their yoga beyond the mat.

Without a doubt. One of the reasons I created this membership is because I hear over and over from teachers who wish they had a continuing way to stay connected and inspired long after teacher training ends. I also hear from teachers who graduate from trainings and wonder, “What’s next?” or “Was that it?” The HigherEducation.Yoga membership serves to scratch that itch, elevate your expertise, and provide you with a supportive community that inspires and activates your passion for yoga...while also encouraging you to step into your role as a spiritual leader and conscious business practitioner.

Each month is a little different, but you receive access to about 5-10 hours of recorded video, plus another 10-20 pages of written content, as well as workbooks, worksheets, pdfs, and guidebooks designed to give you new tools to learn and apply immediately every day. Every month features a giveaway – where Alanna & team choose one lucky member to receive a high-value prize – perhaps a full course for free, a Gift Certificate, an invitation to a free one-on-one session with Alanna – each month is different! Also, as part of your membership benefits, every month you receive exclusive offers for discounts, free stuff, insider access, and beta-testing for new material within the Spiritual Leadership Institute.

While mostothermemberships focus solely on asana...turn on the class, go through the sequence, and you’re done. You will not find that in the HigherEducation.Yoga membership...we serve adifferentniche and a higher calling within yoga. One of Alanna’s core missions is to raise the bar on what it means to be a yoga practitioner, and raise the standard of what it means to be a yoga teacher. She has over 1000 hours of higher education across two dozen courses to support that vision. The HigherEducation.Yoga membership is the first time she is providing that same extraordinary caliber of yoga scholarship in an affordable monthly format to her community of people.

Every month, you find lectures, lessons, and practical tools that help youembodyyoga andembraceyour identity as a yogi every day. This goes beyond just learning alignment in triangle pose. This is learning how to align your soul with your highest purpose through yoga and spiritual leadership.

All of Alanna’s courses and memberships are hosted on an intuitive, easy-to-use learning platform that allows you to access the content from any device with a steady internet connection. Enjoy watching lectures at home on your laptop, or on the go on your tablet or smartphone. Get your higher education for yoga…anywhere!


Get the advanced training & community that turns good yoga teachers
into extraordinary yoga teachers.