Resources for Stressful Times

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Free Chakra Mini-Course with Alanna Kaivalya

This 3 day course (a preview to the full Alchemy of the Chakras course) guides you through essential chakra wisdom, giving you the tools you need to balance your energy centers and enlighten your mind and spirit.

Through understanding the system of the chakras, we create the pathway to bliss within our own body. As we balance, align, and tune our chakras, we create a clear communication system between ourselves and the inner wisdom our bodies carry.

The millennia-old system of the chakras contains timeless knowledge that produces lasting health and well-being.

This short course takes you through this journey and gives you all the tools you need to create personal harmony.

Chakra Yoga: A Beginner’s Guide to Chakra Healing eBook

Chakra Yoga is the definitive guide to healing through the chakras. Within this book are all the key concepts and tools you need to understand the seven chakras and balance them through a yoga practice. Each chakra is fully explained and features a unique practice that heals and balances that energy center on every level: body, mind and soul.

Guided Meditations (Videos):

Alanna walks you through some of her favorite meditations.


Podcast: Spiritual Health and Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Now, more than ever, it is time to step into your spiritual leadership role. Learn about the very real effects of social distancing, and how you are primely positioned to help.

Blog: 5 Ways to Make Money Instantly As a Yogi

This blog shares five things you can do Right. Now. to offer valuable services to your audience using what you already have.

Enroll in the Upward Facing Business Academy

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Here’s the deal. While we need to address our livelihood NOW, we also need to think long term. Building an online business not only allows you to reach a wider audience and provide for yourself financially, It also allows you to stop trading time for money so that you can enjoy passive income (read: paid leave and paid vacations!).


Join the HigherEducation.Yoga Membership

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