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Jordyn is a chameleon of many interests including unique approaches to yoga. Growing up in the mountains, she learned to take the road less traveled quite seriously. On a less serious note — she’s an adventure enthusiast, outdoors is her middle name and a truly compassionate soul who loves what she does. After obtaining her 500hr training in the yoga world, Jordyn is now a Yoga Therapist completing her IAYT accreditation through The Soul of Yoga Institute. She has spent ample time studying with Nischala Joy Devi of Abundant Well Being, Mas Vidal founder of The Dancing Shiva as well as Dr. Richard Miller of the iRest Institute. Using a variety of related lenses, she aims to give others the tools they need to remove obstacles in the way of their own healing power. There is a nurturing, softness within how she delivers a flow, combining an emphasis on intricate muscle engagement and intentional breathwork. She approaches all aspects of yoga with the knowledge that the mind, body, and spirit are intimately connected. While continuing to pursue all the benefits of the yoga community, both as a student and teacher, she believes in inspiring people to be the best that they can be. With a hungry mind and her “small yet mighty” personality, she looks forward to connecting on the journey of yoga and the oneness we all share!

Jordyn’s pronouns are she/her.


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